You Are About To Be Introduced To The Business Opportunity Of The Decade…

I know you are busy and don’t have much time so I will get straight to the point.

I would hate to see that you miss This Opportunity at this very special price because once all the slots are filled you will never see it again.

So I am going to use this post to do a quick point-by-point layout of EXACTLY what this business is about – how it came about and why so brilliant.

1. When you buy into this you will receive a fully functional Online Business Directory website, registered in your own name, to help you build a loyal client bases of business owners in your immediate area. We call this “client base” your B2B TRIBE.

2. Your TRIBE can have options: They have free or paid listings on your site. Paid listings are better because it gives more online exposure to them (your tribe members) for example; YouTube exposure and other links because of the  Video Commercial capabilities on the Directory site you will receive and the videos you can offer to your tribe.

3. When your tribe members like what you offer, and they will, they will paid for their listings. When they do, you receive 100% of everything they pay AND remember, this is a recurring Monthly income that is paid automatically into your Debit Or Credit Card (Via your PayPal Account)

4. In addition (and FREE with this offer) you will also receive a fully functional Video Commercial Dealership that will help you sell brilliant pre-made Video Commercials to your Tribe Members. These videos will help them increase there online exposure. About the videos: you will buy low and sell high just like any wholesaler do. The markup is about 50% COMMISSION on the Video Commercials you sell. However, this can easily be increase to a 200% – 500% markup, depending on what other services you want to help your client with.

For Example:-

  • Get paid to open a G-Mail account on behalf of your client.
  • Earn extra to open a business YouTube account for your client.
  • Receive cash for opening a Google+ account for your client.
  • How about opening a Business Facebook account and get paid for that.

…and the list goes on because all things are necessary for online exposure.

5. The point here is: You will build your own B2B Tribe very quickly because you will have an Online Business Directory Listing to give them. Free or Paid – it doesn’t matter – they will still become your tribe members. [To explain the Directory Listing a little better – it is like having your own Yellow Pages Business – just online]

6. Remember: YOU will be the TRIBE Leader and Tribe Members need their leader right? Exactly! That is also why you should come aboard now.

7. You will get your new websites, all the training and all the coaching you need to become the entrepreneurs you always wanted to be AND to stand out as the Leader you already deserved a long time ago.

8. One of these days the Local Business Owners in your area will knock on your door to ask for your help. In fact, they will beg you to help them and they will open their cash registers and wallets to pay you. Isn’t that what you want?

So please, once again – do not miss this opportunity.

Click HERE to be redirected to where you will be able to  download the 9-page report and see a few videos that will explain everything.

Obviously you will want to study this proposal in detail before you make a decision and that is fine. In fact, this is exactly what any good business man or woman will do.

In closing then – do your homework – follow these links – read, study and ask questions – and then make a decision.

I is actually and easy one to make.

Here it is:

Am I going to keep on worrying about my financial future or am I going to do something about it today?

That is it…nothing else!

Thank you for reading this post and I hope you will grab this opportunity with both hand!

It is THAT Smart!

Your friends at The Web University

PS-  Just in case you are not sure what this is all about – listen to this 1 minute and 58 second MP3 audio file. It explains it all!