The Web University Proudly Presents A ONE YEAR Business Course Of The Likes You have Never Seen Before.

This is a one year business course for all entrepreneurs and business owners as well as for those who have plans to build an Online Empire.

There are 12 + 3 Modules that are delivered to students monthly via our Special Coaching Platform. One-on-One coaching is also provided and it is said that “THIS is the most amazing and powerful Business Online Course on the planet”.

Each module consists of an printable PDF Manual, a Workbook plus professional MP3 Audio files that cover the entire Module for each month.

It is not just about How To Build A Business…it is also about mapping out, step-by-step, a RoadMap To Riches.

Thomas Ci-Gar

The Web University One Year Course - Part 1



The One Year Web University Course Part2

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